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we believe that fresh is best... and that you would absolutely love to take those overripe bananas on your counter and puree them with 6 tablespoons of honey, grounded oatmeal, buttermilk, egg whites and crushed lavender... to make a wonderful, hydrating, cleansing and purifying face masque... but the idea of finding all the pieces to your food processor and the cleanup afterwards keeps you from doing it everytime!


gourmet skin care designed to feed your skin. inspired by the recipes from some of the worlds premier spas and beauty editors, we created a revolutionary line of cosmetics... a cooler kind of skin care... cool because many of our products are designed to be used chilled! Oooooh!

we've made some pretty cool friends...

a great BIG thank you to all of the buyers, believers, celebs, supporters and media who have had faith in a big dreamin, boot strappin entrepreneur who happens to believe that thoughts become things and impossible things DO happen every day! for as many "hopium dealers" that have crossed our path, we have met twice as many folks that have been inspired by our passion, creativity and innovation... and for that - we thank you!

“The product itself was divine… it quickly became an obsession of many of the buyers here. The beauty industry is changing, more and more customers are looking for organic, chemical free product and feedmyskin has taken this one step further.”  

Jennifer Miles, Senior Buyer Beauty and Fragrance

Henri Bendel                                                                    


“feedmyskin is a really great concept, a line whose time has come for certain. Both the products and the packaging are amazing.”  

Dennis Bernard, Press & Special Event Mgr

Patricia Field Boutique                    


“…and although eventually someone may come around and try to be like feedmyskin… it won’t be nearly as cool, and more importantly it won’t be first."

Brad Trucksis, Global Business Development

Procter & Gamble


"I love the whole positioning around the brand, and it is refreshing to see someone create a beatiful brand that is not only beneficial to the body but  fun as well.  So many times, brands are very serious and technical.  feedmyskin is a loving, fun line!"

Donna Tarantino

Beauty Expert




"Being in USA Today is gonna change your life huh?"

driven by the notion that impossible things happen every day... thoughts become things... never, never, never give up... if it was easy then everyone would do it... and do the right thing even when no one is looking and no one will ever know... Corene Hejl has spent the past couple years defying the odds and attempting to prove the entire beauty industry wrong... FRESH IS BEST and no matter what you do... when you treat yourself, don't you dare cheat yourself! yep, single serving refrigerated skin care treats and solution based products that address taboo issues is what makes feedmyskin so darn magical. her commitment to creating good, natural products that make people FEEL good is at the forefront of her business model and following the DIY advice of beauty editors worldwide seems to be paying off...



somewhere between dance lessons, art projects and homemade stuffed cabbage she found the time, energy and inspiration to fight for her dream of changing the world of cosmetics for good by creating a cooler kind of skin care. beating out thousands of hopefuls at the world famous Henri Bendel "Open-See", feedmyskin officially debuted at the legendary fifth avenue boutique in NYC... impressive riiiight?!? her accomplishments also include a premier at Patricia Field’s flagship store. this relentless dedication has been rewarded by countless glowing media reviews, high level recommendations and national editorial placements including a Lucky magazine feature ranking feedmyskin alongside of Olay and Bath & Body Works products... not bad for a mom from the Carolina's huh?


feedmyskin stole the show at COSMOPROF in Las Vegas and was pegged as a standout by show organizers, buyers and local and national media! USA Today stopped by the booth on Corene's 41st birthday and when the interview wrapped up, she was asked a single question that immediately evoked tears of joy as she reflected on the tumultuous road she has traveled... "so... being in USA Today is gonna change your life huh?" yes... yes it is.

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